Burritos have been fueling the hungry, the hungover and the high for who knows how long. They are a staple of college students in the American west and southwest. But where can you get a good burrito in Amsterdam?

We’ve done the hard work of sampling burritos around town, and have even enlisted the assistance of a professional burrito eater. (not really but it sounds like fun, doesn’t it?)

cal burrito


Here are the results, the four best places to get a burrito in Amsterdam.

The Salsa Shop

Now with four locations in Amsterdam,The Salsa Shop is a popular spot for that big flavorful burrito, Chipotle style. When you enter the shop you start by telling the person behind the counter what you want and then they add ingredients for you one by one. Their meats are full of flavor and their salsas can pack a punch.

We like that several of their locations are close to a branch of Gollem. Coincidence? We think not. Burritos and beer are a natural combination. If you’d prefer to eat at home you can also have Salsa Shop burritos delivered by Foodora or UberEats.

The Salsa Shop
Ferdinand Bolstraat 1, Amsterdam
Amstelstraat 32, Amsterdam
Stationsplein 43L, Amsterdam
Kinkerstraat 154, Amsterdam

California Burrito Company

This small burrito shop in the heart of the city near the Negen Straatjes makes just what they say they do… California style burritos. Big and full of rice, beans, guacamole, cheese, meat – whatever you desire. Ingredients are fresh and flavorful.

Our burrito testers found the California Burrito Company to be pretty tasty. Sometimes the wait can be a little long but you can also call ahead before you pick up your order.

California Burrito Company
Oude Leliestraat 5, Amsterdam



Our burrito tester found the vegetarian burritos from the Burrito Maker on Haarlemmerplein to be pretty satisfying. And we guess he is not the only one because in 2015 the Burrito Maker opened a second location right across from Brouwerij ‘t IJ. Again the magic combination of burritos and beer.

The Burrito Maker locations are small and cozy, with most customers taking their orders to go. You can also get burritos delivered directly to you via Thuisbezorgd. Nice!

Burrito Maker Amsterdam
Haarlemmerplein 29, Amsterdam
Zeeburgerstraat 4, Amsterdam


Tomatillo makes Tex-Mex food and of course burritos are part of that cuisine. What’s special at Tomatillo is their ranchero style burritos, what we in Los Angeles call the “wet burrito.” It might not sound appealing but it is a burrito covered in mild red salsa often with melted cheese or sour cream on top. It will certainly satisfy your hunger!

At Tomatillo you can eat there, or order online to pick it up or have it delivered.

Anyone else get a laugh out of the fact that Tomatillo is on Overtoom(-atillo)? It sounds the same, get it? Okay, maybe it is only funny to me.

Overtoom 261, Amsterdam


We hope you enjoyed this list of the best burritos in Amsterdam. Have a favorite burrito we didn’t mention? Let us know!

A little side note for you MEXICAN FOOD LOVERS in Amsterdam: While the burritos of Amsterdam are tasty, they might not quite hold up to California standards. But hey, we prefer tacos anyway. Be sure to check out Orale Taqueria and Best Coast Tacos! The best margaritas in town (and a good value too) can be found at Los Pilones. ¡Ole!

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Burrito image: Freeimages.com/JavierArmendariz


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