Festive Gay Pride events take place for two weeks, with a street party and parade through the canals on Saturday the 5th. Don’t miss it!

Have you attended Gay Pride in Amsterdam yet? This is a super fun two week long event with many parties and a wild parade through the canals that must not be missed!

For a full calendar and details about the events, check out and

Don’t miss the Prinsengracht canal parade on Saturday beginning at 13:00. It’s fun and crazy! Lots of boats with costumed dancers and loud music cruise the canals and entertain onlookers on the streets and bridges. Everyone dressed in pink makes a happy and colorful crowd. Even sudden downpours of rain in past years didn’t stop the people from filling the streets.

Check this map to see the boat parade route. I have heard that this year the parade will follow a reverse route beginning at Oosterdok towards Amstel, and from there continue along Prinsengracht toward Westerdok.

gay pride amsterdam penis boat

Another spectacle you should be sure to catch is the Drag Queen Olympics at the homomonument near the Westerkerk. These Olympic games begin at 19:00 on Friday and includes events like the handbag toss and stiletto sprint. Sign up to participate or just cheer on the stylish athletes.

We hope to see you there, and remember to wear your pink boa!

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