AMSTERDAM VALENTINES DAY GUIDE - Romantic Things To Do in Amsterdam for Valentines Day

Amsterdam is one of the most romantic cities on earth. Couples riding together on one bicycle, strolling over canal bridges hand in hand, and tulips everywhere!

Here’s our guide to a lovely Valentines Day in Amsterdam, including Amsterdam romantic restaurants, fun date ideas Amsterdam, romantic spots in Amsterdam and of course Valentines day gifts. However, first, here’s some advice for those entering new relationships that will give your dating life a kick in the right direction. In today’s day and age, many of us are practically connected at the hip to our mobile devices. But when it comes to a first date, DatingPilot says these devices can not only be distracting but can also cause friction. Would you like it if you were deep into an engaging conversation with someone, and they stopped the discussion with little to no warning to pick up their phone and start yapping away with someone else? Respect yourself and your date by keeping that phone pocketed away throughout your date. So while you’re strolling the canals of Amsterdam with your date, keep the focus on each other and away from distracting mobile devices.

AMSTERDAM VALENTINES DAY GUIDE - Romantic Things To Do in Amsterdam for Valentines Day

Romantic Things To Do in Amsterdam for Valentines Day

  • Go for a walk: As mentioned above, there is nothing more romantic than wandering through the city, across bridges, along quiet streets and beside shimmering canals. Start anywhere in the center and just wander. Maybe stop along the way for a snack or a drink. (see our romantic drinking and dining tips below) Some romantic spots in Amsterdam for a kiss include the Magere Brug (also known as the Skinny Bridge), the Bridge of 15 Bridges and one of Amsterdam’s pretty parks.
  • Rent a boat: It’s a little chilly in February but if you’ve got a warm coat and maybe a thermos of hot cocoa, boating together could be quite a romantic day in the city. Don’t forget to bring along a few blankets, too. Here are some of our tips for the best places to rent a boat in Amsterdam. If you don’t want to captain your own ship, you can also take a canal cruise, yes, there are even romantic options for those!
  • Catch a movie: The cinema is always a good place to get snuggly in the dark. Amsterdam has quite a few theaters with extra special charm like Pathé Tuschinski and The Movies. Here are our favorite cinemas in Amsterdam, some are very romantic!
  • Get cultured: Catch a concert at the Concertgebouw or watch a performance of Tristan und Isolde by the Dutch National Opera together. For another kind of culture you could go street art spotting together for a fun date idea.
  • Go for a bike ride: Bundle up and hop on your bicycle for an outing with just the two of you. Take a short ride out of town to Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, along Het Brettenpad or through Waterland. Take a picnic along and find a sheltered spot for a cozy break.
  • Play games: They say love is not a game, but a fun Amsterdam date idea could be to act like a kid again and get silly. Head to Ton Ton Club to play arcade games or go for a round of indoor glow in the dark mini golf at Powerzone.
  • Go ice skating: Most of Amsterdam’s skating rinks are closed but the Coolest Ice Rink is open until the end of the month. And you could have a steak dinner for two afterward at Loetje on Ice. That’s a romantic thing to do in Amsterdam in winter.
  • Museum hop: Is the weather too cold for an active day outside? Then take your lover for a romantic visit to one of Amsterdam’s many museums. There is something for everyone. Modern art at Stedelijk, photography at Huis Marseille and FOAM, boats and shipping at Scheepvaartmuseum. Or do a tour of Amsterdam’s cozy grachtenhuis museums like Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, Willet Holthuysen, Van Loon and Cromhouthuis.
  • Do a day trip: If you live in Amsterdam, why not take a day trip out of town. If you don’t feel like venturing far away you can hop on the train to Haarlem. There are lots of charming cafes and picturesque spots there to explore.

Amsterdam Valentines Day Guide - ideas for a romantic day in Amsterdam.

Valentine Day Restaurants Amsterdam

When most people think of Valentines Day activities, going out to eat is probably at the top of the list. Amsterdam has plenty of romantic restaurants and cafes to suit every taste and budget. Here are a few of our top choices for lovey-dovey dining.

Here's our guide to a lovely Valentines Day in Amsterdam, including Amsterdam romantic restaurants, fun date ideas Amsterdam, romantic spots in Amsterdam and of course Valentines day gifts.

Romantic Valentines Brunch or Lunch in Amsterdam

A cozy brunch or lunch is a good choice if you are spending a whole relaxing day with your special someone, or perhaps you recently started dating and are not ready for the full commitment of a Valentines Day dinner. Following are a few spots with tasty food and an amorous ambiance.

  • Gartine is a classic favorite for delicious food, lovingly prepared. Reservations a must!
  • Bak would make for a lovely Valentine’s Day lunch complete with a view
  • Vinnies Deli is a cozy cafe with healthy and tasty lunch in the city center
  • Slurping up noodles was romantic in Lady and the Tramp, so head to Umaimon, Fou Fow or Sapporo Ramen.
  • Bakers & Roasters is the perfect place for a hearty brunch or lunch that will fill you up for any V-Day activities
  • Dignita in the Plantage is surrounded by a lovely romantic garden, plus the food is delish
  • Speaking of views, consider lunch at Madam or Moon in the A’dam Tower
  • Gs boat is a romantic setting for brunch with your lover, or make your way to one of their 2 cafes

Romantic Things To Do in Amsterdam for Valentines Day - Bak Restaurant Amsterdam - Valentine Day Restaurants Amsterdam

Romantic Valentines Dinner Date in Amsterdam

Choosing a restaurant for a Valentines Day dinner really depends on the tastes and expectations of you and your date. Does your love want you to show your affection by picking the fanciest and most exclusive restaurant in town? Are you foodies with the desire to try something new and delicious? Or are the two of you more interested in cuddling in a dimly lit corner? Here are a few choices whatever the situation.

  • Exotic flavors will get your tastebuds tingling. Head to de Pijp for a casual meal at Pho 91, De Japanner, Los Feliz, Escobar or Calle Ocho. On a budget? Check out Spang Makandra for tasty food that won’t break the bank.
  • Italian food is so sexy. Head to Cantinetta Wine and Pasta in West or Gallizia in Oost for a cozy dinner for two.
  • Dining at the Rijksmuseum sounds fabulous, and a meal at Rijks should satisfy fancy foodies.
  • Sharing is caring! Try Bar Boca’s for small plates or big platters to share.
  • Tucked into a historic building in the Westerpark, Mossel & Gin is cozy and romantic in winter.
  • A bit in the higher budget range, De Kas, BAK and Wilde Zwijnen are at the top of the list for delicious food and special ambiance.
  • Visit one of my favorite cafes with fireplaces and relax by the flames. Many of them serve dinner as well.

Romantic Things To Do in Amsterdam for Valentines Day - Valentine Day Restaurants Amsterdam

Valentines Day Drinks Date in Amsterdam

Perhaps your idea of the perfect Valentines Day is to get totally wasted! OK, well, maybe not. But knowing a place to have drinks before, after or instead of dinner seems like a good thing. Our top recommendations follow below.

  • What’s sexier than your lover holding a beautiful cocktail? Check out our favorite cocktail bars in Amsterdam! Most of them are cozy, chic and the ultimate in romance.
  • Wine is also an excellent choice to get in that loving mood. Share a bottle or let your loved one sample a sip from your glass. These wine bars are great places to ignite a spark.
  • A lot of guys and gals really like their whisky. Does yours? Why not surprise them with a date to JD Williams whisky bar?
  • I’d be swept off my feet if you took me to one of Amsterdam’s craft beer bars or breweries.
  • Gezelligheid is basically just a word to describe Amsterdam. Most of the cafes in the city are super cozy, comfortable and relaxed. Grab a table for two at a gezellige cafe with glowing candles, have a few drinks and gaze into each other’s eyes.

Amsterdam Valentines Day Guide - ideas for a romantic day in Amsterdam- Valentines Day Gifts Amsterdam

Valentine’s Day Gifts Amsterdam

I won’t try to guess what the object of your affection really wants for Valentines Day. Candy and flowers are common tokens of your love, but maybe you want to step it up and get your date something else. Here are a few Valentines gift ideas I’ve spotted around the city.

  • This scorpion claw heart pendant from The Otherist is a visual symbol of how their love can sting you and stop your heart.
  • So we’ve all heard of Netflix but maybe your lover would like a subscription to MUBI, streaming a selection of interesting independent movies. Get some popcorn and let’s cuddle.
  • How about some sweet LOVE panties from Love Stories? You can pick them up at the shop in the Negen Straatjes. A gift for both of you.
  • Does your special someone enjoy special beer? Then get them a gift card from De Bierkoning!
  • Does your sweetie take tons of selfies of you cuddling? Get your own personal photographer for the day to take romantic photos of the two of you enjoying Amsterdam together.
  • Anna + Nina has lovely jewelry that would make a sweet gift.
  • Chocolate is always a popular present. Grab some delicious cookies from Van Stapele Koekmakerij to share. In bed.
  • A gift that keeps on giving! Present your lover with burlesque classes that are sure to spice up your life.
  • And finally a gift that is truly for the both of you! Smitten Mittens are special conjoined mittens that you both wear to stay warm while holding hands. Awesome or wacky? You decide.

Be sure to check our agenda for lots of activities happening on February 14th in the city. There is lots to do whether you are single or a couple.

I hope you enjoyed this couples guide to Amsterdam and tips for a romantic time with your special someone. Maak er een mooie Valentijnsdag van met veel liefde, knuffeltjes, kusjes en chocolade. Have a wonderful Valentines Day whatever you do!

Please don’t be basic and put another lock on a bridge. It’s just littering. Although yes I did take a photo of it! 🙂 I like my photo. But don’t do it. Go mini golfing instead!



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