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If you’re passionate about clubbing, come to Amsterdam to dance the night away. One of the many sides of this city is its vibrant nightlife, with many unique venues and a thriving electronic music scene. Additionally, if you’re from the USA you’ll be used to the legal drinking age being 21, but here in Amsterdam, it’s 18! That New Jersey fake ID won’t be needed out here!


Here is our list of favorite places to go clubbing in Amsterdam and dance the night away.

Club AIR

One of our favorite clubs in Amsterdam, Club AIR is the new hot spot in town. This brand new club holds more than 1,300 people and is situated where the famous iT once used to be. Club AIR may be big, but it maintains an intimate atmosphere due to its many rooms and spaces.

One of Club AIR’s unique features is its LED-lighting and a crystal clear Void Acoustics sound system, which looks just as impressive as it sounds.

Visitors to Club AIR use the AIR card, a chip card that can be topped up for buying drinks or renting a locker. It speeds up serving times, but the obvious drawback of this system is that you won’t get your unused credit back. So drink up!

Amstelstraat 16 (close to Rembrandtplein)
Tickets between € 15 and € 20


The basic idea behind clubbing combines a bare environment, a brutal sound system and great people. And that’s exactly what you get at Trouw. Quite possibly the best club in Amsterdam, Trouw is the epitome of that characteristic clubbing atmosphere.

Housed in a former newsprinting plant, this place is all about music. It features an underground industrial atmosphere with lots of steel and concrete. The preferred music here is mainly minimal and techno and their loosely enforced dresscode reads “something creative and exuberant”.

Edit: Unfortunately, this great club has closed for the time being but is set to reopen again in West.

Wibautstraat 127
Tickets between € 10 and € 15


Not just a cool club with a bare industrial vibe, Radion is also part of the ACTA broedplaats for creative entrepeneurs. Radion hosts all kinds of parties and events at their space in Nieuw West. Check out the techno DJs and Sunday live music performances.

Louwesweg 1, Amsterdam


One of the most popular new clubs, Closure nearly always has a long queue up the street on Friday and Saturday nights. The space is underground with low ceilings and a simple, yet powerful, sound system. Closure focuses on electronic dance music ranging from disco to techno. Get ready to dance til 5AM.

Rozengracht 133, Amsterdam

Studio 80

A popular nightclub, Studio 80 is the neighbor of the infamous Escape at Rembrandtplein. It’s an alternative techno club that offers upcoming musicians, DJs and live acts a podium in the electronic music scene, surrounded by established artists.

The music of choice here is mostly (minimal) techno. In 2008, this gay friendly club was awarded “Best Club of the Year”, and with its arty vibe, open-minded atmosphere and fashionable visitors it’s one of the hippest clubs in Amsterdam!

Rembrandtplein 17
Tickets between € 5 and € 15

Sugar Factory

This self dubbed “night theater” is located just around the corner from Leidseplein. It’s a small but cozy club that offers a varied program of live music, poetry, theater, live art and cabaret, or quite often a fusion of all of these. However, on Saturday nights this is usually a clubber’s domain.

Lijnbaansgracht 238 (close to Leidseplein)
Tickets between € 6 and € 16


Established in 1987, Escape is one of the oldest and most well-known clubs in Amsterdam. It’s a swanky and somewhat pricy venue that consists of three parts: a club, lounge bar, and a cafe/restaurant.

Traditionally Saturday is their “Framebusters” club night with styles like club, electro, house, minimal and progressive.

Rembrandtplein 11
Tickets between € 7,50 and € 16


You won’t hear any pop tunes here as this club, dubbed “the milky way”, focuses more on niche music styles.

Check the website for the schedule of a variety of music shows 7 days a week. Most weekend nights there are different scenes in Melkweg’s two rooms, typically one DJ and one live performance. This venue also offers theater, film and visual arts.

Lijnbaansgracht 234A


What once used to be a church is now a magical venue for concerts and DJ sets. Paradiso is known as Amsterdam’s “music temple” and is one of the most famous stages in the Netherlands. Entry lines can often get long for popular acts so don’t arrive too late.

Weteringschans 6-9 (close to Leidseplein)
Tickets between € 15 and € 30

Jimmy Woo

Definitely the swankiest joint in Amsterdam, Jimmy Woo attracts a glamorous audience. The music played at this trendy club is a mix of hip-hop, club and house. Expect a cosmopolitan atmosphere, skinny models, celebrities and a strict door policy.

We like the skulls and skeletons that are everywhere to be found in this stylish venue. Creepy cool!

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18

Club Abe

A nightclub for the “older” crowd, Abe has an age limit of 30 and up. Expect a swanky interior and a more sophisticated and relaxed atmosphere than some of the more minimalist clubs. Abe has table service and a VIP lounge for those who want to party in exclusive style.

Amstelstraat 30, Amsterdam


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