Amsterdam is one of the top 5 cities in the world for beer tourism. If you are visiting Amsterdam to drink beer, check out the Bierfabriek.


This bar-restaurant has a concept that is unique in Amsterdam: patrons can serve themselves beer from taps in the center of the tables! Gezellig!

Pay €9.50 for a liter of beer and you and your friends can fill glasses at the comfort of your own table without waiting in a crowd at the bar. There are three types of beer at each tap and the beer is brewed on the premises. Choose from red ale, porter and pils brewed by Alfa Brouwerij.

The large space has a chic industrial design. Along with beer, the Bierfabriek serves roasted chickens and other hearty meals and snacks from the open kitchen in the center of the bar. Or grab some free peanuts from the big containers by the wall and have fun throwing the shells on the floor.

Stop by for lunch, dinner or borrel.

Nes 67, Amsterdam

[map height=”200″ skin=”gray” disable_scrollwheel=”1″][pin icon=”” pin center=”1″]Nes 67, Amsterdam[/pin][/map]

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