Those in the know have been visiting Casa Brazuca for several years for nice Brazilian coffee, and now they have opened a second location in De Pijp. 

Brazuca translates to something or someone from Brazil, or a sense of Brazilian pride. And if Brazuca Coffee is any indication, Brazil has a lot to be proud of.

We visited the Ferdinand Bolstraat branch of this cafe on a bright and sunny spring day. Due to the warm weather, something cool and refreshing seemed like a good idea. I had heard of açaí na tigela before but had never sampled it. This dish is made from frozen açaí fruits blended with other goodies and topped with sliced banana and muesli. It really hit the spot and is now my new favorite breakfast!


We also had the chance to try their juices. If you like pineapple, try the pineapple mint blend called abacaxi com hortelã, it’s amazingly refreshing. Note to self: a splash of rum would be a really nice addition for a day on the canal boat!

The coffee at Brazuca is what they are truly famous for so we sampled that as well. Smooth, dark and delicious, the coffee beans are imported from Brazil and roasted here in Amsterdam.

If you are in De Pijp and in need of a caffeinated or fruity pick-me-up, stop in to Brazuca Coffee on Ferdinand Bol. Or check out the original location on Rijnstraat.

Brazuca Coffee

Rijnstraat 22, Amsterdam
Ferdinand Bolstraat 113, Amsterdam

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[pin icon=””]Ferdinand Bolstraat 113, Amsterdam[/pin]
[pin icon=””]Rijnstraat 22, Amsterdam[/pin]

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