Cafe de Ceuvel Amsterdam

De Ceuvel is a living laboratory where old houseboats are transformed into sustainable workspaces on land previously used for shipbuilding. Cafe de Ceuvel is an eco-friendly cafe there that is also an awesome hangout. 


As the property was previously used for shipbuilding, the land is contaminated but de Ceuvel is working on restoring it to health. Creative companies are housed in old houseboats which have been refurbished and refitted. You can walk on a wooden path that loops around the houseboats and see them for yourself. Check out the composting toilets and solar panels, and maybe take a ride from the rope swing.


Cafe de Ceuvel

Cafe de Ceuvel is an eco-friendly cafe on the property that is also a super awesome hangout. The cafe strives to serve the most local and sustainable food and drinks.

You’ll find local beers and vegetarian food, but you won’t hear a big lecture. This cool cafe is all about sustainability but not in a preachy way. Most people come here for the cool relaxed vibe and the waterside deck. You can even go swimming here in the summer!

De Ceuvel and Cafe de Ceuvel host all kinds of events and festivals like the amazing Kimchi Festival. Be sure to check their website and follow them on Facebook for the latest information.

kimchi ceuvel

Come check out this fascinating and innovative project in Amsterdam Noord. Hope to see you there!

Cafe de Ceuvel
Korte Papaverweg 4, Amsterdam

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