Dag van de Architectuur Amsterdam

The Dag van de Architectuur offers an all-access pass to visit many of the most interesting and important works of architecture around the city of Amsterdam.

We really enjoyed the Dag van de Architectuur last few years, and hopefully 2015 will be just as fascinating. This year the event spans two days, June 20-21, and promises to be even better than before! This year’s theme is Het IJ and the developments along its banks.

Two years ago we were able to climb the stairwells of Shell’s former offices at Toren Overhoeks and check out the amazing views of Amsterdam. We learned that the building is to be transformed into apartments and offices with a spectacular restaurant with a view at the top.

We also visited the abandoned Shell Laboratorium next door and toured through some of the creepy dilapidated rooms. The building has since been renovated as the fabulous A Lab offices (with delicious Coffee Virus in the lobby).

Other highlights of Dag van de Architectuur 2013 included a visit to the ING building, a tour through the IJ-Dock buildings and a visit to the offices and gardens of the Tolhuistuin.

Be sure to check the 2015 program and get your tickets ahead of time. They go on sale on June 1st. Visit the website for more information.

You can even book a special package during this weekend to stay at the Urban Campsite Amsterdam! Check it out!

Dag van de Architectuur Amsterdam
June 20-21, 2015

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