Amsterdam Restaurants for Large Groups : Foodhallen Amsterdam

Come by and check out the tasty dining and drinking options at De Foodhallen, a food hall created in the old tram depot in Amsterdam Oud West. 


For many years the old tram parking structures at Bellamyplein had been left abandoned. While the decaying buildings and surrounding grassy fields had a certain charm, the area just begged for redevelopment.

The opening of De Foodhallen inside the old structure is just one of the initiatives bringing new life to the tram buildings. Shop for local goodies at the Local Goods Store. There is also Hotel de Hallen, a movie theater de Filmhallen, public library and Kanarie Club restaurant and bar. And don’t forget the Local Goods Market on the weekends.

But De Foodhallen really pulls in the hungry crowds! The option to snack and drink your way through the evening while people watching seems to appeal to many. The building is packed with people on weekend evenings. If you want a more relaxing experience we suggest going during the week or at lunchtime.

Foodhallen Amsterdam sushi Meneer Temaki

Foodhallen Amsterdam Shirkhan

At De Foodhallen you’ll find some familiar names like The Butcher, Caulils,  and Petit Gateau. You’ll also find food stalls like Bulls & Dogs, The Rough Kitchen and Viet View. Be sure to check out the spot in the corner that is reserved for rotating eateries.

If you’re thirsty, grab a wine at the winebar, a beer at the beer bar, or even a gin and tonic from the G&T bar. There are other bars scattered through the hall as well. Then find a seat for you and your friends either upstairs or downstairs and let the feast begin!

Foodhallen Amsterdam

Here are some of our favorite eats and drinks in De Foodhallen:

  • the fresh rib eye rolls or tofu bahn mie at Viet View
  • veggie sushi from Meneer Temaki
  • tandoori chicken from Shirkhan
  • le Big Fish has amazing fish “burgers”
  • the G&Ts! Try the “Bulldog” with grapefruit and lychee
  • truffle bitterballen from De Ballenbar
  • Craft beers (try Two Chefs or Oedipus) from the beer bar
  • cheese plate or the famous tosti from Caulils
  • a sweet treat from Petit Gateau

Have you heard? De Foodhallen now has BINGO nights, Jazz night, Pubquizzes and even a weekend cocktail bar upstairs. Follow them on social media for more info.

We hope to see you there soon! Let us know what you taste, and tell us your favorites!

De Foodhallen
Bellamyplein 51, Amsterdam

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