At winebar Glouglou in de Pijp you can find the elusive “vin naturel”. This wine bar and shop with a sunny terrace is a great place to kick back and sip wine you won’t find everywhere else.


Those who are not familiar may ask “what is vin naturel?” These are wines made without added flavorings and preservatives. The grapes are usually grown using biodynamic or organic farming practices and the wines are fermented using traditional methods like wild yeasts, minimal filtration and without additives or flavorings. Basically just fermented grape juice, which is what most people think all wine is, but many have a long list of additives in addition to the grapes.


For this reason, the vin naturel wines you can enjoy at Glouglou might not be to everyone’s taste but they will be a flavor adventure!


If you are feeling hungry after a glass or two of wine, go for the cheese or charcuterie plates here – divine! Really tasty bread too. You can also buy a bottle or two to take home and enjoy later.

Tweede van der Helststraat 3, Amsterdam

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