Huis Marseille Photo Museum

Amsterdam’s first photography museum is housed in two adjacent canal houses with a garden and garden house in the rear. The special exhibitions change about four times a year offering visitors something new and interesting each time.

Huis Marseille • Amsterdam Photography Museum

There are a total of 14 exhibit areas in the two buildings that make up Huis Marseille Museum voor Fotografie. The beauty of the 17th century canal houses is reason enough to visit the museum but the exhibits are truly amazing as well. My favorite spaces are the back garden house which is a replica of the original, the amazing and ornate red Louis XIV room, and the Tuinzaal with a huge old mirror above the fireplace, gorgeous parquet floors and an amazing painted ceiling.

huismarseille garden huismarseille

On display through December 6th are two special exhibitions of photographers Esko Mannikko and Hanne van der Woude. Both exhibits are fascinating and moving, offering interesting glimpses into the lives of their subjects. The 14 different exhibition rooms up and down short flights of stairs allow the visitor to explore an art museum in a different way, almost getting lost in the experience.


Two new exhibits will open on December 12th (on view until March 6, 2016) by photographers Martin Roemers and Dana Lixenberg. These artists take two very different approaches to urban photography, yet both are focused on the people of the cities rather than architecture. Lixenberg is an Amsterdammer who has spent 22 years photographing the people of a social housing project in Watts, while Roemers travels the world capturing the crowds of people making up the essence of the biggest cities of the world such as Shanghai en Mumbai.

Don’t miss Huis Marseille during Open Tuinen Dagen too.

TOP TIP: If you plan to visit more than three museums within the year, we recommend the Museumkaart for locals. The price of €59 is worth it as entrance to each museum is around €15-20 for adults. If you are visiting Amsterdam take a look at the iAmsterdam card which gives you free transport around the city as well as free entry to many museums and attractions in Amsterdam and beyond. Check here for more information and to purchase the iAmsterdam card online. Another option is the Holland Pass which grants free and discounted access to several museums and attractions. Check here for more information on the Holland Pass.

Huis Marseille
Keizersgracht 401, Amsterdam

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Canal house museums are some of our favorites in Amsterdam. If you like Huis Marseille also check out Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis, Museum Van Loon, Bijbels Museum and CromhouthuisRembrandthuis and Ons Lieve Heer Op Solder.

Photography and film fans should also be sure to visit FOAM and the EYE Film Museum.

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