Do you like beer? Then you should take a trip to the beer church in Haarlem! The Jopenkerk is a restaurant, brewery and bar in Haarlem with delicious craft beer.


The Jopen beer brand was started a few years ago when an old beer recipe from 1501 was brewed for a local festival, just for fun. The beer was very popular and thus the Jopen brand was born.

Jopen brews many interesting and unique beers, including several based on recipes from the middle ages. Some of our favorites include Ongelovige Thomas, a hoppy strong brew, and the lighter, fresh Jopen Hoppenbier. The Extra Stout is also very nice. One of the most interesting beers is the Jopen Koyt, based on a recipe from 1407. Instead of hops, it relies on a mixture of herbs called Gruit for flavor.


In 2010 the Jopenkerk opened, a brewery and restaurant housed in an old church in Haarlem. The concept has been quite a success as it is almost always packed with people young and old.

The Jopenkerk bar or lounge is a great place to meet for a borrel or enjoy a full meal upstairs in the restaurant. Check ahead for reservations as it is very popular. Jopenkerk is open daily from 10am to 1am.

If you haven’t yet been to Haarlem, it is a lovely town less than 20 minutes away from Amsterdam by train. Before visiting the Jopenkerk, head to the Adriaan windmill and Sint Bavokerk to work up your beer appetite! For more Haarlem tips check out our Day Trip to Haarlem article.

Gedempte Voldersgracht 2, Haarlem

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