You’ve been drinking at the bar or working late and suddenly you notice you’re starved! But it’s after 10pm. Where can you grab a meal and maybe a drink? Here are our tips for late night eats in Amsterdam.


After 9 or 10pm is the only option Micky D’s, kebab or FEBO? There are other choices! Here are our tips for restaurants open late in Amsterdam. Be sure to call or check their websites before making your plans however, as some change their closing times depending on the day or month or how busy things are.

It's after 10pm. Where can you grab a meal and maybe a drink? Here are our top tips for restaurants open late in Amsterdam.

De Japanner

Sushi, gyoza and other Japanese bites are the perfect late night snack, don’t you agree? And now you can get them until the midnight hour at De Japanner in de Pijp. You can even wash it down with a beer, sake or cocktail! What’s not to love? De Japanner is conveniently located on Albert Cuypstraat close to many fun bars where you can start or continue your night out.

De Japanner
Albert Cuypstraat 228, Amsterdam


Cannibale Royale

The Handboogstraat is THE place to be late night, with Disco Dolly, Bloemenbar and Cannibale Royale all open into the wee hours of the morning. And now Cannibale Royale has a second location in the bustling Pijp, another location in the city center and even a branch in Noord.

The burgers of Cannibale Royale were voted some of the best in Amsterdam by readers of Het Parool newspaper in 2017.

You can get these burgers, steak, ribs, salad, nachos, chicken wings and more until 3AM on Friday and Saturday nights, and until midnight or 1AM other nights. And the good news is that Cannibale Royale serves booze too, so you can enjoy a glass of wine or a beer with your meal. We recommend the local beers by Two Chefs Brewing.

Cannibale Royale
Handboogstraat 17-19, Amsterdam
Ruysdaelkade 149, Amsterdam
Lange Niezel 15, Amsterdam
Mt. Ondinaweg 32, Amsterdam Noord


Here are our top tips for restaurants that are open late in Amsterdam. Bar Huf

Bar Huf

A cute restaurant on the Reguliersdwarsstraat, the kitchen at Bar Huf is open until 1AM on weeknights and 3AM on weekends. Sit down to eat one of their tasty burgers or grab a Philly cheesesteak or fish and chips to go. They also have great craft beer and cocktails. It’s a cozy little spot and their food is darn tasty too!

Bar Huf
Reguliersdwarsstraat 43, Amsterdam

Late night dining at The Butcher Amsterdam: Juicy Burgers + Crispy Fries

The Butcher

The Butcher won’t tell you exactly what time he closes shop, but he says he’s open until “late”. And the newest Butcher Social Club in the A’dam Tower in Noord is even open 24 hours on the weekends! What?!

With a secret cocktail bar hidden in the back of The Butcher in de Pijp, you can party late into the wee hours and still eat some grub.

Some say The Butcher is the best burger in town. We’ll let you be the judge. For those who aren’t big fans of beef, The Butcher also serves a chicken burger, fish sandwich and other tasty delights.

The Butcher
Albert Cuypstraat 129, Amsterdam
Bellamyplein 51, Amsterdam
Overhoeksplein 7, Amsterdam Noord
Paleisstraat 14, Amsterdam

Eastside Amsterdam is a cool new neighborhood spot with a chill vibe and good food and drinks.

Eastside Amsterdam

A new American inspired bar and cafe on the east side of town, Eastside serves not only tasty brunch but also a full bar with tasty cocktails and food until late into the night. The bar is usually open until 1am on weekends and has yummy fare like meatballs and mac and cheese.

Sumatrastraat 47, Amsterdam

De Ton Ton Club Westerpark

Get your game on at De TonTon Club and fill up your belly with snacks until midnight. This old school arcade is tons of fun and is also a good place to grab a bite later at night. You’ll find ramen, ramen burgers (!!!), American and Japanese style pancakes, boozy milkshakes and snacks like gyoza and hot wings until at least 11pm. Afterward shake it off at Pacific Parc!

De TonTon Westergasfabriek
Polonceaukade 27, Amsterdam

Regular & Jack

A little bar near Rembrandtplein, Regular & Jack serves excellent sports bar style food until late at night. Be sure to try their waffle fries, they are fantastic after a few too many beers. The ribs and pulled pork sandwich are also the perfect drunk foods. This bar is open until 1am on weekdays and 3am on weekends, the kitchen closes a bit earlier but they do serve food until around midnight. They also have tables with a beer tap in the middle if you are really thirsty!

Regular & Jack
Vijzelstraat 37, Amsterdam


 Burger Bar

The prize for the latest dining would have to go to Burger Bar. This meaty haven is open until 3AM on weekdays and 4AM on weekends (2 locations). Wow! They have a mushroom burger too for the veggies. Burger Bar really satisfies after a night of heavy drinking on an empty stomach, and it might even help prevent a horrible hangover. Be sure to drink lots of water, these burgers are nice and salty.

Burger Bar
Kolksteeg 2, Amsterdam
Reguliersbreestraat 9, Amsterdam
Warmoesstraat 21, Amsterdam
Eerste van de Helststraat 62, Amsterdam

Here are a few fast food options that are open late in Amsterdam.

Here are our top tips for restaurants that are open late in Amsterdam. Maoz

Maoz Felafel

It’s late in the evening and you’ve had a few drinks without any food in your belly. Maybe your friends are suggesting a stop by FEBO or McD’s. For a quick veggie bite late at night, head to Maoz instead. Conveniently located near all the tourist spots, this chain offers the standard falafel with the inclusion of an all-you-can-eat salad bar for a reasonable price.

Most Maoz locations are open until at least midnight, and the one on Damrak is open until 2AM. Check here for the opening hours.

Maoz Amsterdam
Muntplein 1, Amsterdam
Leidsestraat 85, Amsterdam
Damrak 40, Amsterdam
Ferdinand Bolstraat 67, Amsterdam
Van Woustraat 15, Amsterdam

Wok to Walk

This fast food chain serves Asian style dishes made to order. It’s the perfect late night option for the vegan or vegetarian, but meat eaters are welcome too. Choose rice or noodles and your choice of sauce flavor then add meat, veggies, tofu or whatever you fancy. The ingredients are cooked to order and in just a few minutes you have a big container of steaming hot food.

It’s not gourmet and the bright lights can be glaring after a night at the bar or concert venue but it hits the spot. Salty, spicy or sweet, whatever you prefer! Some locations are open until 4AM on weekends, check the website for more details.

Wok to Walk
Damstraat 44, Amsterdam
Kolksteeg 8, Amsterdam
Leidsestraat 96, Amsterdam
Reguliersbreestraat 45, Amsterdam

Tell us: do you have a favorite place to get food in Amsterdam late at night?

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