A terrific example of creative construction, Noorderparkbar is a small cafe built solely from second-hand materials found on Marktplaats.


Tucked away in Noorderpark, the Noorderparkbar is a great little cafe with a fascinating story. Designers Bureau SLA en Overtreders-W decided to build a bar only using of materials that they found on The result is a charming cafe with cool wood details and a wall and ceiling made of mismatching windows.

We love the green bathrooms, decorated with a fun combination of leftover green tiles. For more on the story of the bar’s design and construction, check out

Serving coffee, beer, sandwiches and snacks, as well as dinner sometimes, the bar changes its hours with the seasons so check out their website for the latest info. The bar can also be rented out for private events of all kinds. Make sure to send us an invite if you decide to throw your party there!

Floraparkweg 1, Amsterdam-Noord

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