Six and Sons is a cool store with clothing for women and men, vintage industrial accessories and decor on the Haarlemmerdijk.

SIX AND SONS • Retro cool clothes & accessories

The Haarlemmerbuurt is becoming quite the stylish place to shop! Stop in and check out the industrial interior items, vintage furnishings, books and manly accessories. We love the old school apothecary items and the enamelware cups. Maybe you need a giant antique neon letter or some vintage chairs? What about a stuffed duck? Check out the blue and white shipping themed dishes and the vintage Energizer bunnies lurking in the corners. If you don’t have time to visit the shop, browse the website to see what is in stock.



Six and Sons used to have an awesome cafe upstairs, but now the whole space has been turned into a shop and upstairs is reserved for clothing for men, women and kids. The items are carefully selected and are made of quality materials like cotton, wool and leather. They have all kinds of things ranging from coats to shoes to delicate lingerie.

While Six and Sons is a somewhat masculine shop, they cater to anyone who likes that cool vintage look.

When shopping in the Haarlemmerbuurt be sure not to miss this great concept shop!

Haarlemmerdijk 31, Amsterdam

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