Go from mild to hot at this excellent Indonesian restaurant.


Tempo Doeloe is a small Indonesian restaurant located on the charming Utrechtsestraat. To dine here you should have a reservation in advance. Ring the doorbell and the host or hostess will show you in. They keep the front door locked in order to keep your dining experience peaceful.

However, the peace of your meal may be interrupted if you do not take care when sampling the “terlaloe pedis” menu items. These very spicy dishes are indeed quite spicy! In fact, my dining companion did not heed the warnings and took a huge bite of the spiciest dish, resulting in a tomato red face and a bout of coughing and water gulping.

But don’t be concerned, if you do not act too rashly with the spices your meal at Tempo Doeloe will be absolutely delightful. Many diners select one of the rijsttafel meals which consist of rice and many small dishes of meats or vegetables. Tempo Doeloe serves the items in order from mildest to spiciest so as to not overwhelm the taste buds at the beginning.

Have a glass of beer or wine with your meal, and finish it off with spekkoek, a delicious Indonesian spiced cake that is named after the striations in bacon.

Tempo Doeloe Restaurant
Utrechtsestraat 75, Amsterdam

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