A unique hangout is hidden away in a 17th century farmhouse. The golden unicorn promises to be a favorite of those who love a place with relaxed ambiance where they can escape the crowds. 


An old farmhouse has been converted into a restaurant, cozy café and – coming soon- a small hotel. Come enjoy tasty food in their peaceful garden, on the relaxed benches outside or in the beautiful remodeled barn with a fireplace.

The menu has tasty options ranging from meat to fish to vegetarian. Pair your meal with some lovely wine and you have a wonderful evening in store. The perfect place for a secret rendezvous with your foodie lover or for a good chat with a close friend.


Vergulden Eenhoorn promises to be a favorite of those who love the relaxed ambiance at other places in Oost like ‘t Nieuwe Diep, Restaurant As and Merkelbach. And it’s sure to be a favorite of ours since the folks of Hanneke’s Boom are behind it.


For those readers who don’t speak Dutch, “Vergulden Eenhoorn” translates as “Gilded Unicorn”. Even more reason to go here, since unicorns are awesome, don’t you agree? Perhaps you’ll spot one under the trees. And just a little more trivia, in case you are curious. The unicorn is an ancient symbol for pharmacies. The original owner of the property was a surgeon and grew medicinal herbs in the gardens, so he named the property after this mythical creature. Now you can sit here and feel the healing power of this peaceful green place.

De Vergulden Eenhoorn
Ringdijk 58, Amsterdam

[map height=”200″ skin=”gray” disable_scrollwheel=”1″][pin icon=”” pin center=”1″]Ringdijk 58, Amsterdam[/pin][/map]

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