Visit this historic distillery in the heart of Amsterdam for a taste of Dutch liqueurs and jenevers.

Venture down a small alley behind the Bijenkorf and back in time. This historic tasting-house has been here since 1679, perhaps you can taste the centuries in each sip of liqueur?

Jan Bierman started his spirit distillery and tasting room in the center of Amsterdam in 1679, then Mr. Wynand Fockink took it over in 1730. And here on Pijlsteeg it still stands, offering one of the largest selections of jenevers and liquours in the city. The shop also displays fascinating antique equipment and bottles from the 17th century.

You won’t find blaring music or televisions in the wood paneled tasting room. Instead, step back in time and join in the 300-year-old tradition of bending down to take a first sip of your filled-to-the-rim drink before picking it up from the bar.

The tasting room is open daily from 15:00 until 21:00 and is no ordinary bar. The proprietors are known to shush patrons who speak too loudly or get a little rowdy. On a nice day, tasters congregate outside in the alley to sip the tasty liqueurs.

Our WF favorites are the brandewijnen in flavors like passionfruit, blackberry and cherry. Very sweet and very delicious! Traditionally they can be chased with a beer (kopstootje or “headbutt”), which nicely counteracts the sweetness or alcohol flavor. Try a popular favorite like “Half&Half” created accidentally in 1842 by mixing orange liqueur and a bitter. The friendly staff behind the bar can help you make your choice, they are extremely patient! I admire them.

Wynand Fockink offers tours of the distillery to groups with reservations, or stop by any Saturday at 12:30 for a 45 minute tour (in English) including a tasting in the distillery.

Join Elysia while she learns more about Wynand Fockink and tastes a few of their delicious creations in this video!

Wynand Fockink
Pijlsteeg 31 & 43, Amsterdam

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